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Chuck was very professional and thorough. He made sure that the remediation company completed the job in its entirety and I felt reassured the job was done well! He was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions.

(From Yelp – 5 Star Review!)

Gina C. — Cincinnati, OH

This is a PSA … we ended up in a bad situation, and we wanted to share it so hopefully others can avoid what we went through.

We were chased from our home for 6 weeks this summer due to mold in the basement and the kitchen. It had become visible in the basement at the end, but for several years, it had been growing underneath the carpet due to improper advice and remediation (twice!).

In the kitchen, the mold was hidden underneath the dishwasher – it took a true expert, Chuck Billingsley of Mold Inspection Sciences, to suspect it. There was a leak, it stopped (perhaps plugged by the mold?), and there were a few inches of mold growing right under the dishwasher motor.

I had been very sick for quite a while, and the doctor discovered it was mold sickness (not an allergy). The doc recommended Chuck as someone who truly knew what he was doing. Chuck recommended several remediators. We used Matt Ellison of DisasterWorks Environmental Restoration, who was fantastic.

The biggest thing we learned from this is there is no standard or certification requirement for handling mold in Ohio. Inspectors do not necessarily know what they need to know; neither do remediators. It was poor inspection and poor remediation – from companies and individuals that came very highly recommended – that led us to this disaster.

Most of us have grown up believing that most mold is “no big deal,” it’s only a problem when it’s certain kinds of mold – that is not correct. ALL mold can cause huge health issues, some of which you may think are from other issues. If you have or suspect a mold issue, you need an inspector who is Certified – really, you need Chuck, the Mold Whisperer. You need a remediator who has been trained and understands the ramifications of improper mold removal. Believe me, when it comes to mold, you don’t want to fool around or dismiss it.

(From Andrea B’s Facebook page

Andrea B. — Cincinnati, OH

Chuck provided tests of surface mold and air quality in room. Chuck was extremely thorough and patient with all questions. Chuck was also responsive with subsequent questions – worth the cost of getting it right, top notch service and Chuck is awesome.

(From Angie’s List Member. Angie’s List overall grade for project: A)

Greg M. — Wyoming, OH

A month after our basement was completed and the carpet was laid, our back door’s drain backed up and caused a flood in our newly remodeled family room. We dried the carpet as quickly as possible and had it professionally cleaned with antimicrobial agents. It still seemed to have an odor, so we replaced the pad and had it cleaned again. It seemed to be okay, the carpet didn’t smell. But there still was an odor in the basement. My husband and I decided to have it tested for mold. We tried calling a couple of mold testing companies but they talked so fast and really didn’t seem to care to answer all of our questions. So we looked on line again and tried calling Mold Inspection Sciences.

I felt completely comfortable when I called and spoke to Kayla who took her time to explain everything that needed to be done. She answered all my questions and repeated again what I needed to hear to make sure I understood the process. We were able to have an appointment for the testing the very next morning which would be done by Chuck Billingsley. The next morning we met him and again I felt very comfortable speaking with him as I had with Kayla. He was very professional and had many years of experience in both mold remediation and testing. He was able to show us a couple of areas that had some mold on the unfinished side of the basement and explained what we could do for prevention and how remediation is done. He told us if we have any questions to feel free to call him 24/7. The testing was done and the results were ready in 3 days.

Mold Inspection Sciences on the day the testing was completed emailed us the Mold report and the Lab testing report along with 3 referrals. They also called us that day and went over every result with us and explained again what these results mean. We were lucky that it was of a level that was called suspect, but it still needed to be remediated. Since they do not do remediation themselves it would not be a conflict of interest and that is why we had decided to use a separate testing company and not a company that does both remediation and testing. I did call Chuck Billingsley again twice with questions and he
got back with us promptly. Chuck suggested that we get as many estimates as possible as it can be very expensive. It was very helpful advice.

I highly recommend Mold Inspection Sciences if you are looking for honest, courteous, and professional help with identifying a mold issue in your home.

Barb S. — Cincinnati, OH

We highly recommend MOLD INSPECTION SCIENCES OF CINCINNATI. We used them in inspecting our home for mold and then again after remediation occurred for post-inspection. They were helpful and informative. They also were helpful with pointing out challenges to our remediation contractor which gave us greater confidence in getting the job done right.

(From Angie’s List Member. Angie’s List overall grade for project: A)

Thomas S. — Loveland, OH

Completed limited mold inspection services following water leak/damage in home and collected 2 air samples.

I experienced a leak in my home from a water intake line to a toilet. The leak occurred into the bathroom wall and went into the ceiling of a bedroom on the basement level before discovery. Mold was suspected on the bathroom baseboard and in the ceiling of the basement bedroom, which had been opened to drain the water. I searched for a company that could provide me with mold inspection services that wasn’t in the business of providing mold remediation services, as I felt this could present a conflict of interest. I was very pleased to have Chuck Billingsley, Senior Mold Inspector and Environmental Hygienist, with Mold Inspection Sciences come to my home to complete this service. He was very professional, arrived timely, and completed a thorough assessment of my home. He explained every step of the process in detail and allowed time for my questions. He presented recommended options available to me in regards to sampling and/or air testing. He was very knowledgeable regarding assessment and precautions to take with the presence of mold, having also worked in the mold remediation business previously. He noted I would receive a full written report, to include results of lab testing, within [3] days, which I did. He gave me his business card and stated I could call him anytime if I had questions or concerns. The report I received was very thorough and understandable. My experience was positive from the first contact for scheduling through the completion of the inspection and receipt of the report. I received a follow-up call from the company to provide me an opportunity to ask any further questions and to comment on my inspection. I also received recommendations of several contractors whose work experience in mold remediation they were familiar with, but also advised to get as many estimates as I could. I was offered the opportunity to have someone from Mold Inspection Services to evaluate the mold remediation work during and upon completion. I was also offered the opportunity to get testing post completion of remediation work and certification that could be used in the event I choose to sell my home.

(From Angie’s List Member. Angie’s List overall grade for project: A)

Deborah P. — Mason, OH

The company did a total house inspection (inside and out) for mold problems. We had air samples done throughout the house and control samples. We received written reports within a couple of days of the tests. Results were received exactly when company said we would get them. No problems were found.

(From Angie’s List Member. Angie’s List overall grade for project: A)

Debra F. — Cincinnati, OH

Very professional and informative!

(From Angie’s List Member. Angie’s List overall grade for project: A)

Rebecca I. — Amelia, OH

I interacted with Kayla Houston via email who was very professional and prompt with replies, etc. She set up the appointment and confirmed prices.

Chuck was our inspector. He did a general check of all living areas and walked the outside as well. Took pictures of concern areas and thoroughly explained the findings. After asking if we wanted to do samples (to determine exactly what type of mold was discovered) he took the samples and left. The samples are tested in their lab.

Then after a few days at the lab, they call and email you a VERY detailed report on the findings. They are available to help explain, give recommendations, etc. based on the report.

It went very well. I got an education interacting with Chuck. He was very helpful, very authentic and wasn’t trying to sell me something I didn’t need. He really knows his stuff. He offered to come back if needed, offer additional expertise and even helped give us some ideas on what to look for in duct cleaning and what to avoid…

(From Angie’s List Member. Angie’s List overall grade for project: A)

Travis M. — Mason, OH

Inspected for mold, took air samples outside and inside, took tape lift samples of basement, explained and consulted. Checked living area, basement, and attic for mold.

Certified Inspector Chuck Billingsley did the inspection of my home for mold. He was both knowledgeable and professional. He explained about mold testing and health problems related to mold. He sent mold samples to the lab and I received a “Mold Inspection and Testing Report.” He took the time to explain the results and recommendations to me. I was also sent a list of recommended companies that handle mold remediation. Mr. Billingsley returned periodically to check and inspect the progress of the company doing the remediation. At the completion of all mold remediation, he returned to inspect, test, and approve the job. He was very thorough and conscientious and truly cared about the family’s health. I highly recommend this company for the inspection of mold.

(From Angie’s List Member. Angie’s List overall grade for project: A)

Shelia F. — Amelia, OH

The mold inspector performed a thorough visual inspection for mold and took 3 mold samples – one in the basement, one in the dining room, and one outside for comparison. We were provided with a detailed report and access to call them personally for more information.

Chuck Billingsley from Mold Inspection Sciences met us at a house we were potentially purchasing. We were in the inspection phase and wanted to have the basement tested for the presence of mold. Before entering the house, Chuck provided us with background information on the process, and made us feel comfortable with how he would inspect the home. Mold Inspection Sciences does not do mitigation work – they only test for mold and let you know where you stand – so there is no conflict of interest in trying to “sell” you mitigation services. They also have strict standards for how mold must be mitigated – and must pass tests in order to be deemed “safe”. Chuck meticulously scanned all areas, took moisture readings, and sampled the air in two different areas inside, and one outside for comparison. He answered any questions we had along the way and was happy to follow up with us on any additional questions that came up after the report was delivered. Brandon Apple called us a few days later to follow-up with our results that had been emailed. He was happy to discuss details of the report and answer any questions we had. We were also provided with a list of recommended mold mitigation companies, and encouraged to seek out multiple bids. They are willing to answer any further questions we have, and provide support along the way for the mitigation process.

(From Angie’s List Member. Angie’s List overall grade for project: A)

Lynn G. — Sharonville, OH

Mold Inspection Sciences treated us right. We were concerned about some mold in our bathroom. We have a small child and were worried about their health. This company sent Chuck to our home to perform an evaluation. They found that the mold was only on the surface and was caused because our bathroom vent was not working. The did not use any fear tactics and helped us solve our problem in an inexpensive manner.

George B. — Cincinnati, OH

Excellent company! I’m a Realtor and have used other inspection companies. Mold Inspection Sciences provides a much better report and a more comprehensive service. Highly recommended!

Eric R. — Cincinnati, OH

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